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Epinephrine Shortage - Creating an Epinephrine 0.1mg/mL Syringe 

Creating an Epinephrine 0.1mg/mL Syringe - Regional hospitals are experiencing a shortage of pre-filled epinephrine syringes.  Because of this, the pharmacies may reduce the number of pre-filled syringes from 8 to 0 inside Medication Kits being restocked. A card will be placed in the outer pouch of a Medication Kit if it is affected.  Please note that there is still a 30cc epinephrine 1mg/mL multi-dose vial in the Medication Kit.  You can prepare epinephrine 0.1mg/mL by expending 1 cc from a pre-filled 10 cc saline syringe and drawing 1 cc of epinephrine 1mg/mL from the multi-dose vial. As always, have your partner verify your medication prior to administering and label your syringe!

Please watch the following PEMS-produced training video on how to  appropriately create the correct dosage for an epinephrine 0.1mg/mL dose.  The video may be found on PEMS' YouTube channel at:

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EMS Providers and Organizations Recognized for Outstanding Contributions to Virginia’s EMS System

On Saturday, March 20, the 2020 Governor’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Award winners were announced during a virtual presentation of the Governor’s EMS Awards. These awards, given in Governor Ralph Northam’s name, recognize outstanding EMS providers and organizations from across the Commonwealth for their demonstrated level of excellence and dedication to the EMS system.

Here are the links to view the awards presentation:

PEMS would like to congratulate each of the winners! 


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