Virginia EMS Scholarship Program Launched

By: Charles Faison, OEMS Training and Development Coordinator

The Virginia EMS Scholarship Program supports individuals pursuing initial certification as an EMS provider in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The program is made possible through the EMS Training Fund pursuant to the Code of Vir-ginia § 46.2-694. The EMS Scholarship Program aims to augment the EMS workforce by reducing some of the barriers to becoming certified as an EMS Provider and affiliating with a licensed EMS agency in Virginia.

The Virginia EMS Scholarship Program was established through a partnership between the Virginia Department of Health Office of EMS and Office of Health Equity. The EMS scholarship program offi-cially launched on October 2, 2017. Applications for this initial cycle were accepted through November 30, 2017. Applications are accepted online and the next scholarship ap-plication cycle will open on January 1, 2018 and close on February 28, 2018. Award amounts range up to $5,416, based upon the program’s EMS certification level.

For more information on the Virginia EMS Scholarship Program, visit:

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