PEMS Medication Box Acquisition

PEMS drug box 2014On 9/4/2018, PEMS issued the last PEMS medication box available from the June 2014 RSAF Grant. 

Agencies in need of a PEMS medication box will follow the procedures outlined in the PEMS Medication Box Plan section VI, Medication Box Acquisition located on the PEMS website.  Designated Emergency Response “911” Agencies (DERA) and Non-DERA will be charged based on the current pricing from the manufacturer. When purchasing 1 or more boxes for use, agencies will be required to purchase 1 additional box to place in the regional pharmacy exchange system to support the 1 for 1 exchange program.

We will no longer be able to provide boxes for training purposes.  You will now need to pay the additional cost for the cost of the purchase of new boxes as well as the training medications. (Posted 09-05-18).

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