The Consolidated Test Site (CTS) Committee consists of personnel from licensed EMS agencies, hospital emergency departments and local colleges in the region.  This committee works closely with the Consolidated Test site Director and the Virginia Office of EMS on issues related to provision of certification, recertification and reentry testing processes for the First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician-Basic in the PEMS region.

The CTS Committee is responsible for coordinating with the PEMS regional testing sites and CTS personnel to give written and practical testing, location dates and times.

The CTS Committee is comprised of a CTS Coordinator, CTS EMT Assistants, Test Site Evaluators, Logistics Coordinator, Senior Evaluators, Moulage Technicians, Simulated Patients, and Test Site Table Manager.

The CTS Committee meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November.  Click here to see the date and time of CTS Committee meetings.

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CTS Commitee Meeting Documents:


02 22 17 PEMS Consolidated Testing System Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes

06 12 17 Consolidated Test Site Committee Meeting Agenda (Draft)

06 12 17 PEMS Consolidated Testing System Committee Meeting Minutes (Draft)

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