In an effort to improve the logistical efficiency of our regional EMS system, Peninsulas EMS Council has partnered with the hospital systems within our region to create an exchange system for the routine supplies used in patient care on a day-to-day basis.

This work is coordinated by the Peninsulas Interfaculty Cooperation Organization (PICO).  PICO reviews common-use items and makes recommendations to the hospitals to allow for used supplies to be exchanged on a one-for-one basis.  Items include linens, oxygen therapy devices, ECG electrodes, and many other common supplies used with high frequency.

To ensure that hospitals have the necessary documentation to support the costs of this exchange program, providers must complete a PEMS Emergency Department Supply Replacement Form and turn it in with each patient transferred to the hospital. Only items on the form my be replaced.  

Please be courteous to hospital staff when collecting exchange items.  Obtain permission from the appropriate ED staff member prior to entering their supply spaces or request that an ED staff member obtain the necessary items.  Exchange only used linens and leave dirty linens in the appropriate receptacle.  

Remember that our hospital partners provide this service to us at significant cost and they are under no obligation to do so other than providing for the good of our regional EMS system. Do not abuse the privilege.

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 ~ Email Link ~

If you have an item that you would like to be considered for addition to the hospital exchange program or have observed a problem with the exchange system, click here to email the PICO Committee.

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Important Hospital Exchange Documents

2014 PEMS Regional Ambulance Restocking Agreement (Hospital)(06 17 Review)

2014 PEMS Regional Ambulance Restocking Agreement (EMS)(2017 Review)

  PEMS Emergency Department Supply Replacement Form v1017

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~ Peninsulas Interfacility Cooperation Organization (PICO) Committee ~

The PICO Committee coordinates and supports the regional system for the EMS Hospital Exchange Program and interfaces with other organizations and committees as necessary to support the logistical needs of our regional EMS system.

Membership includes:

  • One hospital administrator, or designee, from each of the region's hospitals with a full-service emergency department
  • One emergency department director, or designee, from hospitals with full-service emergency departments
  • An EMS Representative from the EMS Operations Committee.
  • A PEMS staff representative to support the administrative and logistical needs of the committee.

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