Our regional EMS delivery system depends on the highly qualified emergency medical technicians at all levels who meet the rigorous certification requirements of the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services.  To ensure that we have a ready inventory of these technicians, Peninsulas EMS Council schedules and operates Consolidated Test Sites (CTS) throughout the region and throughout the year.  Our goal is to provide a system that meets your testing needs and provides you with the information you need to successfully navigate the certification process.

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2017 & 2018 CTS Testing Schedule

01-19-2017     6PM    Union Baptist Church

02-16-2017     6PM    Hampton Fire Training Center

03-16-2017     6PM    Middlesex High School

04-13-2017     6PM    Union Baptist Church

05-17-2017     6PM    Middlesex High School

05-25-2017     6PM    Hampton Fire Training Center

06-08-2017     6PM    Union Baptist Church

07-20-2017     6PM    Hampton Fire Training Center

08-17-2017     6PM     Union Baptist ChurchClick here to Register button

09-14-2017     6PM     Middlesex High School

10-12-2017     6PM     Hampton Fire Training Center

11-16-2017     6PM     Union Baptist Church

01-18-2018     6PM     Hampton Fire Training Center

02-15-2018     6PM     Union Baptist Church

03-15-2018     6PM     Middlesex High School (CANCELLED)

04-21-2018     9AM     Northumberland High School

05-19-2018     9AM     Hampton Fire Training Center

06-21-2018     6PM     Middlesex High School

07-19-2018     6PM     Hampton Fire Training Center

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~ PEMS CTS Testing Locations ~

Essex Intermediate School

912 Intermediate School Circle, Tappahannock, VA

Middlesex High School

454 General Puller Highway, Saluda, VA

Union Baptist Church

9254 Guinea Road Hayes, VA

Hampton Division of Fire & Rescue

1300 Thomas Street, Hampton, VA


1001 Omni Boulevard, Newport News, VA

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~ Other CTS Locations ~

Click here for a link to other CTS sites in Virginia.

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 ~ Important CTS File Links ~

Click here to download the CTS Policies & Procedures

Click here to download the CTS Required Paperwork Matrix

Click here to download the Underage Permission Form

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