The PEMS/TEMS Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Committee is a joint working group consisting of EMS agency administrators, hospital systems, transport agencies and emergency managers within the Peninsulas and the Tidewater EMS Council regions.  The MCI Committee is responsible for the development, annual review and periodic revision of the Hampton Roads Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response Guide.  It also assists jurisdictions with development and administration of mass casualty incident exercises, evaluations and after-action reports.  The MCI Committee meets monthly.  Click here to see the date and time of Mass Casualty Incident Committee Meetings.

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Mass Casualty Incident Committee Meeting Documents:


03 10 16 Hampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Response System Strike Team Committee Meeting Agenda

10 27 16 PEMS TEMS Mass Casualty Incident Workgroup Meeting Minutes


01 24 17 PEMS TEMS Hampton Roads MCI Working Group Meeting Minutes & Roster

02 21 17 Hampton Roads MCI Working Group Meeting Minutes & Attendance

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