Hampton Roads Mass Casualty Incident Response Guide

mci guide photoEach of our EMS and hospital partners work extremely hard to meet the health care needs of our communities, but on very rare occasions, we can find ourselves in circustances beyond the capabilities of our own organizations.  During these challenging times, we implement a regional mass casualty/mass gathering doctrine that gives us access to resources and expertise from throughout the region and across the state.  This doctrine is defined in the Hampton Roads Mass Casualty Incident Response Guide (HRMCIRG), created by a joint working group made up from agency and health system leadership from the Peninsulas and Tidewater EMS Councils.  The MCI Response Guide provides lists of resources, operational checklists and contact information for all mass casualty/mass gathering resources that have been identified within both regions.  Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in the MCI Response Guide, it is not publicly available, however authorized agency personnel may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 An Abbreviated version of the HRMCIRG for use in the field during MCIs is published as the Hampton Roads Mass Casualty Incident Response (HRMCIRG) Pocket Guide.  The cover of the most recent version (2011) is colored bright yellow.  We suggest that all emergency response vehicles have a copy of the HRMCIRG Pocket Guide in the vehicle.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the HRMCIRG Pocket Guide, or contact the PEMS EMS Planner at 804-693-6234. 

Full size MCI Position Check Lists from Annex C of the MCI Guide are available here.

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 Mass Casualty Incident/Mass Gathering Events, Incidents & Training

In light of our regional obligation to exercise the various components of the Hampton Roads Mass Casualty Incident Response Plan, Peninsulas EMS Council, Inc. requests that agencies and jurisdictions that are planning, executing or participating in mass casualty exercises within the Virginia Peninsula, Middle Peninsula or Northern Neck please advise the Council. In addition to tracking and documenting the exercises, PEMS also has staff available to assist in planning for, acting as controller of, and evaluating mass casualty exercises.

If you are aware of an upcoming mass casualty incident exercise or mass gathering event, please call us at (804) 693-6234, or Click here to email us!  Thanks.

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Commonwealth of Virginia Triage Tag Order Form

The state has a contract with Columbia Business Forms in Columbia, South Carolina for the official Commonwealth of Virginia Tag. The state contract number, the vendor's contact information, billing and shipping information can be found on the Triage Tag Request Form. Download the Triage Tag Request Form and submit the form with your order.

Basic Ordering Information:
Unit of Issue: Package (There are 75 tags in a package)
Cost: $102.00 per package

  Click here to download the official Virginia Triage Tag Order Form .

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