One of PEMS primary responsibilities to our regional EMS system is the development, publication and maintenance of a consistent set of patient care guidelines for all prehospital providers in the PEMS region.  These protocols are under a constant state of revision.  While many people and committees are involved in this process, the Protocols, Policies & Procedures Committee carries out most of the research and development to keep our protocols current and relevant.  They provide a draft recommendation to the Medical Advisory Committee who approves new and changed protocols before publication. 

  Click here to download the complete 07-01-2022 update version of the 07-01-2022 Regional Patient Care Protocols .   This is a full-color, 8 1/2 x 11 inch version of the protocols for individuals and agencies desiring to print their own protocols.

  Click Here to Download just the 07-01-2022 Regional Patient Care Protocols Change Packet or the 07-01-2022 version of the Patient Care Protocols, Policies, and Procedures. 

If you have a need for an earlier version of the patient care protocols, contact PEMS at 804-693-6234.


Click here to download the PEMS COVID-19 Viral Respiratory Pathogen Exposure Reduction Procedure (4-08-20)  

Contact PEMS at 804-693-6234 for questions or clarification.

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Protocol tests for the current PEMS Protocols, Policies, & Procedures are available through agency Operational Medical Directors (OMDs). Please contact your OMD to receive a current protocol test.

OMDs- please download a PEMS Protocol Test Authorization letter here. Sign and return to PEMS via fax or emal attachment to receive the current version of the test.

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PEMS Protocols Available by Smartphone App Now!

Anyone involved in our regional EMS system can download the app at the following links for either iOS or Android.





You may also find them by searching for PEMS Protocols on the iOS or Android application stores or by linking with our application contractor at: and following the links for PEMS from there.

A website is available with the current protocols for desktop and laptop systems at:

Again, there is no charge to the provider for the app.  Updates to the application or the protocols will take place automatically if connected to Wi/Fi, so you will never have to wonder if you have the most recent version.

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