PEMS provides this system whereby any member of an agency, the healthcare system or the general public can make known their concerns regarding specific patient care incidents.  Each of these incidents is investigated and referred to the agency having authority for accomplishment of corrective action where necessary.  Information obtained through this process is handled with all due regard for HIPAA/PHI considerations.  Sanitized and aggregate results of MIRs are reviewed by the PI Committee to determine whether flaws in systemic processes contributed to the circumstances requiring the review.

Some examples of situations that might be submitted for review include:

  • Medication dosing or administration errors
  • Treatments outside regional patient care protocols or scope of practice
  • Hospital diversions that do not comply with the regional diversion plan
  • Equipment failures that have the potential to harm patients
  • Triage and destination decisions that do not comply with regional patient care protocols or triage plans

It is important to note that the only purpose of an MIR is to improve prehospital medical care.  No MIR will be used as the basis for disciplinary or personnel actions.

Identities of individuals submitting MIRs are not released.

  Download a Medical Incident Review form here and send to our PII/PHI secure fax at 804-302-6073.

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